About Wazawazi

Wazawazi is an open call to all lovers of diversity, cultural experiences, social inclusion through a design driven product to interact with modern day Africa. It in an invitation to dare to live loudly in Africa. Our bags are ambassadors of the continent to the world. The are named after the amazing personal friends who inspired them. A dedication to them for their choice to live African, and make unapologetic statements while they are at it.Wazawazi leather bags are made from top quality leather from Kenya and are made in Kenya.Kenya has the third largest herd of cattle in Africa, largely driven by a culture of nilotic pastrolism of the Maasai, the Pokot, the Samburu the Kalenjin, the Turkana, among others. The entire existence of these people is the well being of their cattle. For these herders, these are not just animals, it is a way of life. For us, these are not just bags, they are personal statements. We hope that we can influence these communities to see the life beyond the live cattle, and move away from the vice of cattle rustling and explore design as an alternative way of living.The leather we use is a by product of the food industry, regulated by the Kenya Meat Commission. Further down the value chain, thousands of jobs are created, and through stringent environmental regulation, manage the ecological impact of the leather processing industry. Our brand is a commitment to solve the issues of basics by providing an interphase between mobilization of existing untapped creative energies into pillars of our society.It is an inspiration to all of us, the ones today and that will come after us, to look at design as a platform to make a better world for all of us.