At Wazawazi we use high-quality, ethically and sustainably sourced materials to produce handmade afrocentric home goods, leather accessories and pet adornments. Our skilled artisans make one-of-a-kind fine handwoven baskets, using sisal sourced from local farms. Wazawazi is a:
  1. Human-focused brand, directly employing 20 artisans, who we train on the job, to professional level. Their high attention to detail makes our products stand out from our competitors.
  2. Design-centered, taking inspiration from centuries-old African indigenous leather crafting, beading and weaving traditions.
  3. Impact-driven, sustaining communities, supply chains and ensuring future generations are able to access education.
I am a cultural ambassador, a teller of African stories through this mid-luxury brand. I am one of those Africans crazy enough to think that they can change things. 
Entrepreneurship built America. It is building Africa today.